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About This Website

The Rhode Island Geographic Information System (RIGIS) website provides users with access to a wide variety of full coverage location-based data (geospatial data) for the state of Rhode Island. These data are contributed to RIGIS by a variety of government (i.e. RI Dept. of Environmental Management, the US Dept. of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the RI Dept. of Administration Statewide Planning Program, to name a few) and private organizations with the goal of enhancing access to geospatial data across the state. We strive to provide users with comprehensive geospatial information, both in data and map formats.

This website is divided into two primary sections - the Data section and the Maps section. Under the Data section, users can find and download a wide variety of GIS datasets from our collection. Data are divided into common-sense categories like "Biology & Ecology", "Hydrography", and "Transportation". This makes it easier to search our extensive collection of around 200 vector datasets and 20 imagery/LiDAR and raster datasets. Under the Maps section, users can find information and links to web resources from government, non-profit and private organizations that offer pre-made paper maps, or web-based mapping applications. This is great for non-GIS users who just want a map.

For more information on how to use and navigate this website, please visit our FAQ.