Sites - E-911

Rhode Island E 9-1-1 Uniform Telephone System
AK Associates

These data were originally developed and designed for Rhode Island Enhanced 9-1-1 (RI E 9-1-1) purposes only. These data represents every known building or structure in the state of Rhode Island. These data include, both addressed and unaddressed structures including occupied and unoccupied structures. Portions of this data set were collected as early as 2001. Inaccuracies do exist in these data and are therefore under constant revision. Any discrepancies, inaccuracies or inconsistencies recognized in these data should be reported to the pertinent municipality who should alert RI E-911. Users are also encouraged to email with any suggested updates for this actively maintained dataset.

These data were designed to provide information about site locations in Rhode Island in support of the RI E 9-1-1 Uniform Emergency Telephone System. These data are provided to RIGIS for redistribution as a public service by RI E 9-1-1.


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