1962 Digital Aerial Photography

Rhode Island Department of Administration, Statewide Planning Program

Digital panchromatic (black and white) non-orthocorrected, non-georeferenced, aerial photographs of Rhode Island scanned from hard copy photo positive prints from the historical collection of photographs held by the Rhode Island Department of Administration Statewide Planning Program. These images are available for download in MrSID format.

This tile index shapefile is helpful for GIS users to display the approximate center of each aerial photograph, helping to identify which images to download.


Three options are available for downloading these images:

1) Download individual tiles using this interactive web map: MrSID

2) Download tiles on a municipal basis using the dropdown menu at the bottom of this page (download manager friendly)

3) Download individual images, or the entire collection of images: MrSID (download manager friendly)

Publish Date: 

1962 MrSID Municipal Download