Impervious Surfaces

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
Photo Science, Inc.

This is a statewide, seamless digital raster dataset of the impervious surfaces for the State of Rhode Island derived using semi-automated methods and based on imagery captured in spring 2011. The project area encompasses the State of Rhode Island and also extends 1/2 mile into the neighboring states of Connecticut and Massachusetts. Geographic feature accuracy meets the National Mapping Standards for 1:5000 scale mapping with respect to base level data (roads, hydrography, and orthos). This raster dataset has two classes - pervious and impervious. Impervious surfaces are human-created surfaces that do not allow water to permeate through them. The dataset has a spatial resolution of 2 ft.

Statewide Impervious Surface raster data.  The data will be incorporated into the Rhode Island Geographic Information System database for use by federal, state and local government agencies employing Geographic Information Systems and made available to the general public under established RIGIS distribution procedures.

This dataset was created in 2013 by Photo Science Inc. using 2011 color orthorectified imagery. Impervious surface data include paved surfaces such as buildings, roads, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, swimming pools, tennis courts, compacted dirt roads, athletic tracks, and water treatment facilities. These data do not include over-water features such as docks and bridges. Only human-made impervious surfaces are included - not natural surfaces such as rock outcrops, rocky shoreline, etc.

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