American Fact Finder

US Census Bureau

American Fact Finder provides access to data collected by the US Census Bureau about the United States, Puerto Rico and Island Areas. Data from several censuses and surveys are available for download from this site.

Using the Advanced Search option presented on the homepage, users can easily begin searching for data for their geographic area. The US Census Bureau recommends starting by selecting Geographies to narrow down the area of interest. From there, users can either search by Topic, Race & Ethnic Groups, Industry Codes or EEO Occupation Code.

Once a dataset has been selected, users are presented with a variety of options, such as Modify Table, Add/Remove Geographies, Bookmark/Save, Print, Download and Create a Map. Data can be downloaded as a shapefile, PDF, Excel Spreadsheet or Rich Text Format (.rtf)

Audubon Society of Rhode Island

Audubon Society of Rhode Island

These static refuge trail maps provide users with a simple, easy-to-use printable map for refuge visits.

The Audubon Society of Rhode Island is an independent entity from the National Audubon Society; it was founded in 1897 and today owns almost 9,500 acres of woodlands and coastal properties throughout the state.

City of Cranston GIS

City of Cranston

This interactive web application allows users to explore data for the city of Cranston. Using the Layers panel, users can turn layers on and off, while the Search panel allows users to search for specific properties by ID number.






City of East Providence GIS Portal

City of East Providence

This interactive web application allows users to explore different geospatial data for the city of East Providence. The Layers menu allows users to decide which data to view; there are a variety of options, including abandonments, voting wards, transportation, and plow routes.

This application also gives users the option to print a customized map for whatever they are currently viewing. Users are able to give the map a title, and then decide the format, layout and other quality options.

City of Newport GIS Maps

City of Newport

This site provides access to a variety of printable PDF maps, such as plat, zoning, and historic districts, to name a few. Users can also access FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) for the city.

Users can also access the City of Newport's ArcGIS Online portal. This allows users to explore interactive web maps such as property information, construction information and maritime information. By clicking on the Group tab at the top of the portal page, users will be able to browse all public GIS maps and interactive applications hosted by the City of Newport.

City of Pawtucket GIS

City of Pawtucket

Pawtucket offers two different options for viewing data; the first is via static tax assessor plat maps, and the second allowes users to explore an online web mapping application.

The online web mapping application allows users to view parcel information, such as address, property ID, valuation, land information and a link to the propery record card. Users can also interact with the application by turning on and off different data layers, such as zoning, hurricane inundation, and land use, that have been made available. This also provides uers with the option to share or print their area of interest.

City of Providence GIS Maps

City of Providence

This site provides users with access to a variety of interactive mapping applications and printable static PDF maps. Providence hosts three interactive GIS maps; the first is the Providence City Map which allows users to explore parcel and zoning data. Next is the Providence Census Viewer, which allows users to interact with 2010 US Census; this allows users to view and interact with different demographic information for a chosen area of interest. The City Council Map allows users to search for specific Providence addresses to determine Ward Number and City Council members for that area.

The Map Gallery provides users with access to printable PDF maps. Here users can choose from zoning maps, land use maps, FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps and neighborhood maps, to name a few.

City of Warwick GIS Maps

City of Warwick

This site provides users with access to a variety of static, printable maps for the area. This page provides users with links to various web resources, such as the FEMA Flood Maps (external resource), RI state Representative and Senate districts for Warwick, plat maps, and ward maps.

Once the appropriate link is selected (i.e. Senate district maps), users can select the appropriate map using an index and access a printable PDF.